Established in 1949, Winterhaven is a unique neighborhood located in the center of Tucson, Arizona. Winterhaven is know for its ranch-style homes, beautiful landscaping, and majestic trees. 

Winterhaven is far more than a neighborhood. It is also a cooperative water company, delivering outstanding water to Winterhaven's residents. Additionally, Winterhaven hosts the Festival of Lights each year in December.  The Festival attracts over 60,000 visitors. The Festival provides entertainment and holiday cheer to the community and also generates significant cash and food donations for the Community Food Bank.

Winterhaven as Historic Neighborhood

Winterhaven was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 28, 2005.  Click on Press Release to learn more about what this designation means for Winterhaven. Winterhaven residents can go to the Residents Only section for more information on how to apply for a property tax reduction.

Water Conservation Program

Winterhaven has traditionally been known for its ranch-style homes, wide streets, large trees, and green grass.  Residents are committed to maintaining these qualities, which not only contribute to our historic neighborhood status, but create a beautiful and welcoming community for its residents.

Because maintaining turf requires water, a valuable and limited resource, the Winterhaven community has been taking great strides towards using water effectively so that overall water use is reduced while the integrity of the neighborhood is not compromised.  Since 2004, Winterhaven has reduced its water consumption by 34% and continues to be committed to additional reductions.

Water Conservation efforts in Winterhaven have included digitalized meter reading for accurate data collection, a rebate program for low water use appliances,(residents click her for rebate form), monthly reporting of water usage available on a community water website (, a tiered pay structure for water fees, and numerous educational classes for residents on using water wisely. Future efforts include expanding the rebate program and introducing water harvesting to interested neighbors.

Lend A Hand Program

Winterhaven is part of a coalition of central neighborhoods that train volunteers to provide a variety of assistance to seniors still living independently in their homes. The initial funding for this program came from a grant from the Southern Arizona Compassion Initiative through the Pima Council on Aging and the United Way. Recently United Way reported that the Lend A Hand Program is a model program for senior assitance in Tucson! Lend A Hand provides a variety of services such as errands, dog walking, friendly visits, house and yard work, and caregiver relief.  In the first year of the program, seven Winterhaven seniors were assisted in a variety of ways. To support this program, please consider volunteering a few hours a month to assist a Winterhaven senior. If interested in volunteering, contact Program Coordinator Michele Brubaker at 319-5928.  Also please help support this program with your dollars. Go to for more information

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